11 places you must visit in and around Agadir!

Best Places to visit in Agadir: Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir’s climate remains constant all year round. The weather warms up to 30 degrees in summer and up to 25 in winter, making this city an ideal place to escape the heat of Marrakech, and in January you won’t really freeze while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, which is up to 19 degrees.

Agadir is unlike any other Moroccan city. In 1960, a powerful earthquake almost completely destroyed this resort, and the architects who rebuilt it set the goal of creating a modern city. Due to its modernity, clean, palm-lined alleys, hotel complexes and architecture, Agadir is often referred to as the Miami of Morocco; for others, it reminds resorts of Mediterranean cities.

While Agadir is a new city, it certainly has something to do and see; especially if you are not lazy to move outside the city.

1. The beach is an essential attraction of Agadir, which is maintained by the city authorities and kept clean and safe for tourists. The almost 7 km long beach is full of various activities: jet skis, quad bikes, horse and camel riding. The beach also has showers, clean toilets, garbage containers, you can rent a sunbed and umbrella. The most fascinating is the panorama of the beach itself – the Atlas Mountains, palm trees and white alleys. As with many beaches, in Agadir you won’t avoid locals selling a wide variety of things. By the way, most large hotels on the beach have secluded and their own areas – for those who want privacy.

Agadir Beach
Agadir Beach

2. Agadir Marina is a great place for evening walks. This place is somewhat similar to Palanga Basanavičių Street, but much quieter. The marina is full of restaurants, cafes, tourist boats moored at the marina, with which you can sail or call the Pirate Ship there. My favorite restaurant in the Marina is Mamma Caterina, run by an Italian family

Agadir Marina
Agadir Marina

3. Paradise Valley is about 30 km from Agadir and is not very well known to many travelers. The Valley of Paradise is difficult to describe because it is not a specific place, but the whole journey through the infinitely beautiful valley itself. Most of the journey through the Valley of Paradise begins on the Tamraght River and continues towards the Atlas Mountains to the village of Imouzzer. Tamraght river located swimming pools – the most popular places of the valley, which takes hikers jumping from caves and enjoying the sun baths. Getting to Paradise Valley on your own is difficult enough, you will need to change a few taxis and negotiate good prices. Therefore, the most convenient – a rented car or a day trip from Agadir .

4. Medina Coco Polizzi is an interesting place in Agadir, which the locals themselves do not advertise too much, nor will the city guides take you. Located on the outskirts of Agadir, on the road to Inezgane, the restored ancient city can only be reached by rental car or taxi. The 13-acre project is the fulfillment of the dreams of the Moroccan-born Italian architect Coco Polizzi to restore the earthquake-destroyed version of Agadir Medina on his land. This place was finally built in 2007, all the work was done using only local materials and each stone was built by hand. The interior decorations were created by local craftsmen who set up their workshops and shops inside Coco Polizzi Medina. There is also a small amphitheater, a restaurant and many wandering streets.

It is necessary to have lunch at the restaurant La Nouvelle Medina Polizzi, where I tasted the best couscous in the world. Admission to Coco Polizzi is free, but if you say you only came for lunch, you enter for free – just don’t forget to show your restaurant check. When I visited there in September, most craft shops were closed; most of the artisan shops have been relocated to a complex near Coco Polizzi, which is really hard to find for the uninitiated.

5. The Little Massa Desert – Most visitors to Agadir are keen to see the Sahara Desert, but you need to get there for at least a couple of days. The best offer for those who do not want to travel so far is to visit the small Massa Desert, located near Agadir. It is a unique place where you will discover the tranquility, golden dunes and Berber places that are not worn by tourists. Located in the Massa Valley, Souss Massa National Park is an ideal place to observe the local flora and fauna, and the nearby village of Tifnit is famous for its fishing traditions. For those dreaming of camels – Massa Desert is a great place! You can get to Massa either by rented transport or with a day trip from Agadir .

The Little Massa Desert

6. The Crocopark near Agadir was opened by a visitor a few years ago. In the park, of course, the main exhibits are 300 crocodiles and the various vegetation surrounding them. What to do in this park will definitely be, especially for small travelers. The ticket price is 70 dh (about 6 euros) for adults and 40 dh for children. You can reach the park either by rental car or by taxi (located on the motorway to Marrakech, just off Agadir). You can also take the special crocodile park bus (70 dh) to find it read here . Or, book a visit to this park through me .

Crocopark in agadir

7. The Vallee des Oiseaux, a miniature zoo-park near the beach of Agadir , or the Valley of the Birds , is home to a wide range of animals. Starting with mountain goats, elk, turtles, monkeys, etc. Admission to the park is free.

the Valley of the Birds

8.  Taghazout village. The village of Taghazout near Agadir is a mecca for wave catchers. It is easily reached by taxi or local bus. Taghazout has a charming beach, fishing boats and a relaxing atmosphere. I described more about this place here. On the way to Taghazout, be sure to stop at Banana Village, where bananas are grown (officially this village is called Aourir).

9.  Agadiro Kasba, also known as Agadir Oufella Kasbah (Kasbah or casbah) is a type of city that used to be used by a city leader to live and defend against enemy attacks. Located 7 km from the center of Agadir and located on a hill, the quarry was built in 1541 and restored in the 1740s, when it was home to about 300 people. Unfortunately, the tragic earthquake of 1960 destroyed this kasba, so visitors will only see the remains of the wall. Those who want to reach the kasba on foot will have to sweat when climbing a mountain, so I advise you to travel by taxi. But it is really worth sweating just because of the unique image – from Kasba you will see the whole of Agadir! ps this place is one of the most touristy in Agadir, so be prepared for an attack from a wide variety of vendors and camel dealers.

Agadir Oufella
Agadir Oufella

10. El Had Market (Souk) . When traveling to Morocco, it is important to remember three terms: Medina is the old part of the city, mostly surrounded by a wall. The riad is a traditional Moroccan house with a garden or courtyard in the center. Souk – the market, el Had – Sunday. After the deadlines in the area, I recommend visiting Soad El Had in Agadir, which is open all days of the week except Monday. For those who have never visited a Moroccan Souk , I suggest preparing in advance for the chaotic bustle of voices and negotiations. El Had isn’t as hardcorous as the Marrakech Street Souk , so it will be a great introduction for you.

The easiest way to get to the market is by taxi, you will be able to buy fruit, spices, sweets, clothes, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry at the market. . And they will ask for a lot for their services. If you really want a guide, it is better to book a tour of Agadir, which includes a visit to the El Had Market (price about 10 euros per person, book through here ).

11. Traces of 85 million year old dinosaurs! Yes, you read that right, when you go to Agadir you can definitely see real traces of dinosaurs. You will find them on Anza Beach, 13 km from Agadir, where only a few years ago, after a huge storm, these traces were washed away from a layer of sand. It is said that a total of about 200 traces of dinosaurs can be seen! For those who are interested, here is more scientific information about dinosaurs in Morocco. By the way, Anza is located on the way to the village of Taghazout, so it is definitely worth planning a day trip in this direction!

By the way, I did not find these traces myself, although I searched intensely on Anza beach. The locals, when asked about the dinosaurs, looked at me strangely.

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