[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to find cheap flights tickets in 2020! The question that all travelers ask themselves before embarking on the preparation / booking of a trip. It must be said that the plane ticket always represents a significant part of the overall budget of a trip. Therefore, it makes sense to want to find a cheap plane ticket …





Beyond finding a cheaper flight, various questions often arise: should you take out insurance for your plane ticket, what compensation will be paid in the event of flight delay / cancellation, what flight comparator should be it use, what is a good plane ticket price for its destination, and so on!


In this complete guide entirely dedicated to the plane ticket, I help you to know how to find a cheap plane ticket in particular by using those which are for me the best flight comparators, BudgetAir and Skyscanner just as good! After reading this (long) post, you should be an expert and be ready to book a flight at the best price.



Finding Cheap Flights: The Basics To Know!

The question of buying a plane ticket is vast! A lot of parameters can enter into account to define the price of the plane ticket. Summarize tips for finding a cheap flight by: using this or that flight comparator would not be of much help …


In this guide to buying a plane ticket, we’ll cover everything about the plane ticket. The criteria which make it possible to buy a cheap plane ticket but also what revolves around such as insurance, compensation for delay / cancellation or even baggage allowances.


Here is a summary of the points that we will discuss in order to know how to find a cheap air ticket:


  • use a reliable comparator, which does not add any fees at the time of payment
  • choose a company that will not involve any additional cost
  • days to buy a cheap plane ticket
  • know the airports to favor by region of the world
  • end your trip with a low cost flight
  • learn to find open jaw flights

With these different tips, you should be able to apply these rules on your next trips (depending on the destination and your calendar constraints) and certainly save on the purchase of your plane tickets!




Assert your rights on delays / cancellations!

If you have to travel regularly, at one time or another, you will be faced with a flight delay, an overbooking or even a cancellation.


In this case, be aware that a specific law exists and allows you to be compensated according to the duration of the flight and the extent of the delay. Negotiating live with an airline is never easy. You do not control 100% of the law on the subject while the airline knows it on your fingertips. Some companies are even very reluctant to compensate their customers even if the law requires it …


If you are faced with a delayed flight or a cancellation, the easiest way is to go through a company like Indemniflight. The company takes charge of your file for a canceled flight or for compensation following a delayed flight. In exchange, a small part of the compensation is kept by the company only if the file is successful … And believe me, you are much more likely to end up with compensation via their service than directly. And it is also and above all much less time-consuming!


This service is available for flights on airlines such as Air France, Qatar Airways,… but also on low cost airlines, for example here for a complaint on a Hop flight.


Their site is well done and if you are faced with a delayed / canceled / overbooked flight, you can quickly know if the law allows you to obtain compensation (via the flight date and flight number).



Which Comparator To Buy A Cheap Airline Ticket


Airline comparators are flourishing on the web. Each year, some comparators appear and the old ones are always present … Some comparators allow you to book directly on their site while others redirect to airline sites or to other comparators. A hell of a mess …


Quite a few flight comparators redirect to comparator comparators which redirects a little to everything and anything. Without checking the information too much. In the end, when you arrive on the “cheapest” site, you sometimes have a message indicating that the price of the plane ticket has changed and often upwards… If this is not the case, it is after having completed all the information (address, name of passengers, etc.) that annoying payment fees are added to the price of the flight




To avoid this waste of time and multiple searches, I now use BudgetAir. It is also a comparator but does not redirect to other sites. The reservation is made directly on the BudgetAir website. No surprise ticket price increasing and above all no hidden costs added just before payment! This is for me the best site of the moment to find a cheap flight and buy your plane ticket directly on this same site …


The BudgetAir interface is simple, searches are fast and it also offers the advantage of being able to benefit, with each reservation, from a voucher of 7.50 euros valid on your next plane ticket reservation! Here is a summary of the main reasons why I consider BudgetAir to be the best airfare comparator:


search for the best prices fast

possibility to book directly on the site at no additional cost

possibility to book open jaw flights via multi-destination

display of tariffs in calendar if your travel dates are flexible

clear display of baggage allowances included in the airline ticket

reduction of 7.50 euros valid on the next booking with each purchase!

To find a cheaper plane ticket, you will understand, I recommend that you go directly to BudgetAir without wasting your time doing more searches …


Also, Skyscanner can be a very good option to find a flight at the best price. The advantage is that it really compares an impressive number of airlines. Also to be tested to find a cheaper flight.


What criteria to find a cheaper flight?


Several criteria can affect the price of the plane ticket you are looking for. Here are some examples that often allow you to find a cheaper flight:

  • be flexible by a few days on your travel dates: flights departing on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday are often more expensive
  • be flexible at your departure airport: being able to leave from Paris CDG or Paris Orly can sometimes allow you to find a cheaper plane ticket
  • avoid flights to lesser known airports. For example, if you are traveling to Thailand, a flight to Phuket or Chiang Mai will often be more expensive than to Bangkok. By arriving in Bangkok and then taking a train or low cost flight, you can save a lot
  • open jaw flights often save on ticket prices. I do not detail this point because I will come back to it in detail just after
  • avoid theft on dates close to major events or long vacation periods. In July / August, prices go up. But also at the time of bridges in early May if you want to travel to Europe. Likewise, if you want to book a domestic flight to China during Chinese New Year, the rates will be higher.


Image result for airport"


Open Jaw Flight: A Double Good Plan!


If you want to find cheaper air tickets and already have the basics of flight research, this part of the ticket should be of interest to you.




First of all, let’s clarify what an open jaw flight is:


  • an open jaw flight is a flight that leaves from one airport and returns to another airport
  • or a flight arriving from an airport and departing from another airport
  • or who leaves / arrives, leaves / returns from airports that may be different


To be concrete, here are some examples of open jaw plane tickets:


  • Paris / Dubai for the outward journey and Dubai / Brussels for the return
  • or Paris / Bangkok for the outward journey and Chiang Mai / Paris for the return
  • or Paris / Tokyo for the outward journey and Osaka / Brussels for the return

Open jaw air tickets mainly have 2 advantages:


  • they make it possible to make a circuit in a country without having to return to the departure airport: this minimizes journeys in the country, it is therefore time saved and also less expenses on the spot
  • quite often, open jaw flights allow you to buy your plane ticket cheaper!


If you use a comparator like BudgetAir, to find them, simply choose the combination of your choice using the multi-destination search mode (often located next to one-way, return).



Finding a Cheap Airline Ticket: Price Isn’t Everything …


When looking for a plane ticket, very often our only obsession is finding a cheaper flight. Too often we only look at the price of the ticket. And yet, other parameters that are overlooked when booking can add to the final bill …




For example :


  • a stopover that is too long is synonymous with fatigue, but also quite often spending at the airport during the stopover or even sometimes a hotel night if the stopover is very long
  • a company that does not include checked baggage often ends up booking additional baggage shortly before the trip
  • traveling with 20 kg in the hold can result in excess baggage allowance on return and an additional cost (which stings!) to be paid upon check-in
  • traveling with cheaper companies that have a bad reputation can change your schedule. For example, look at the cases on the flight cancellation travel forums with the company Saudia …
  • paying a little more for an open jaw flight can also save you time and money while traveling


So I tend to prefer flights with reliable companies, with a stopover not too long and with a slightly larger baggage allowance. I have paid several times 40 or 50 euros more to travel with Qatar Airways which is an excellent airline and which offers a baggage allowance of 30 kgs in eco class! In the end, these 50 euros more on the price of the plane ticket are amply justified!

Which insurances to choose for your plane ticket?


When you have found a cheap plane ticket that meets your criteria: place to book. Very often, we offer several insurances when booking:




  • repatriation insurance
  • baggage loss / theft insurance
  • cancellation insurance
  • airline bankruptcy insurance
  • and so on …


Personally, I never take out these plane ticket insurance. I’ll explain why.


Repatriation insurance is included in the cover of your bank card even for a classic Visa or Mastercard. No need to pay to have the same coverage a second time…


Cancellation insurance requires very specific criteria. This is not a cancellation because you have changed your mind or you no longer have enough budget to travel … So there are very specific criteria. Unless you consider that the risk is high (possible death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc.), I do not recommend that you subscribe. Finding a cheaper plane ticket to add to the bill with insurance is not necessarily ideal 😉




For baggage delay, theft, damage or loss insurance, these coverages are included in Mastercard Gold or Visa Premier type cards. Rather than paying for this insurance with each reservation, I recommend that you have a bank card of this range and book your airline tickets with the card in question. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to read my guide to choosing a bank for travel.


Finally, with regard to airline bankruptcy insurance, this insurance is in fact trendy. Indeed, recently, a reader of the blog told me about his experience on the subject following 2 bankruptcies related to reservations made online. The monetary and financial code protects the consumer in this very specific case. It is quite easy to get reimbursed by the bank linked to the bank card used to buy the plane ticket online. Thank you to Etienne for this concrete feedback. I take this opportunity to share the standard letter for reimbursement following a bankruptcy, a letter shared by Etienne.



This post of tips and advice on finding a cheap plane ticket is coming to an end. I think I have covered the different topics around booking a plane ticket.


As always on the blog, know that I respond to comments that are posted on the articles. If you therefore have a question or remark on the subject of airline tickets, please do not hesitate to send it to me by reacting on this article. All questions are welcome! On the subject of how to find a cheap flight but also on everything that revolves around the plane ticket: insurance, compensation, comparator, payment, …


If this article is clear to you, all you have to do is choose your destination and book a plane ticket ;-)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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