How to limit your bank charges during a trip to Morocco?

When planning your trip abroad, you should pay particular attention to estimating your budget. But, do you also know that spending your money will cost you? Indeed, each time you pay or withdraw money with your bank card, your bank will charge a commission according to the amount and a fixed part. This represents bank charges which can prove even higher when you travel outside the eurozone, in Morocco for example. To limit it and save your money, here we give you tips that are sure to interest you.

Use the bank card as a priority


For each transaction, taxes are applied according to a variable amount and a fixed portion. For a withdrawal as for the payment by card, you will not be able to escape these various costs. However, you may save depending on the option. In general, paying by credit card rather than cash will be cheaper in a foreign country like Morocco. The fixed commission that applies to an operation through your bank card remains lower compared to that of withdrawals. As a first tip to limit bank charges, you should therefore favor the use of your bank card when traveling.


From another point of view, when you want to get cash, you can always compare withdrawal fees by the agency. So check ATM commissions, currency exchange fees charged by your bank, and fees at specialized currency exchange offices and at the airport. This will help you choose a more economical solution. Also, keep in mind that you should not withdraw money directly from ATMs: it will cost you more. On average, you will pay between € 2 and € 4 per transaction depending on the bank.

Opt for a mobile bank

By traveling to Morocco, you are leaving the European Union and its banking policy. As a result, the various fees and commissions applicable on all your transactions will remain higher. To reduce and even eliminate them, you have another very effective option today: the use of mobile banks. One of the best alternatives for avoiding overseas bank charges has been mobile banking for some time. They allow you to bypass the systems of current banks and exchange offices. To take advantage of this, you will just need to install the relevant bank app on your Android phone or smartphone. In particular, we recommend that you try Revolut. It is a British fintech that offers you the best services to remove all bank charges during your various financial operations carried out in Morocco and in any other country outside Europe.


Its mobile application will allow you to spend your money in more than 120 currencies around the world with very interesting exchange rates. However, if you make a payment by credit card beyond 5000 euros per month, the bank will apply a tax of 0.5% on each transaction. Likewise, a 2% commission will be charged for withdrawals in excess of 200 euros per month. However, this remains very far from what is usually required by conventional banks.

Revolut’s main objective remains to make up for the inefficiencies of the banking system and to avoid currency conversion concerns for its customers. In addition to this application, you will also find other neo-banks that will allow you to lower your international banking costs.

Choosing online banks

The other option to save on your various banking operations is to refer to online banks. Indeed, a large majority of them do not charge a fixed commission on withdrawals and payments abroad in general, and in Morocco in particular. Likewise, with regard to the proportional commission, it remains significantly lower compared to traditional banks, at around 1.98%.


To use them, it’s very simple: like mobile banks, you just have to go to the online banking site you have chosen. Then, after completing the various formalities and opening your account, you can proceed to all financial transactions. So when withdrawing money or paying abroad, you will no longer feel the need to go to a bank or exchange office.

To reduce bank charges during your stay in Morocco, find the best online bank for your trip. For example, for a payment of 50 euros, traditional banks charge you fees which sometimes reach 1.53 €. On the other hand, with an online bank, the operation will cost you less than 1 euro.

Transfer money to a foreign bank account

In addition to the bank charges that apply for the various financial transactions abroad, you will have to pay other taxes when receiving money from your country of origin. Indeed, for a long stay, you may not have the necessary funds for all your projects. You will feel the need to request a transfer of money from your bank. To reduce the costs that could be added, you should therefore take your precautions. So, as part of expatriation or working holiday permit (PVT) project, for example, we recommend that you open a bank account in your new country of residence. In Morocco, a local bank account (even temporary) will be used in particular to receive a salary from your country or to rent an apartment.

Likewise, to transfer large sums of money (an amount greater than € 1,000) at one time and at a lower cost, you can directly use an online money transfer platform. Among other things, it will guarantee total transparency on the transaction costs.

Here are other assets that will interest you:

  • Transfer rates based on real market exchange rates and not those of bank branches;
  • A commission calculated and known in advance, lower than that of a traditional bank;
  •  Ultra-fast transfer with simple registration and immediate transaction;
  • Prefer initial bank and big withdrawals
  • The possibility of receiving cash directly.

You should know this by now when you travel to Morocco, you leave the eurozone: as a result, the bank charges for your various operations become higher. To reduce them, you can not only choose online banks or mobile banks, but you can also choose other methods. Indeed, by comparing the various bank rates, you will clearly notice a difference depending on each bank. This becomes even more evident when you have to make a transaction from your original bank through another bank. Generally, within the eurozone, withdrawals are billed as in France: as soon as the ATMs belong to your bank, you will not pay any tax. But, abroad, when you want to withdraw money from your account and you go to another bank, additional fees apply depending on the total amount of the transaction.


Likewise, opting for large withdrawals when traveling abroad will be cheaper. Because beyond three withdrawals per month, additional bank charges apply for each transaction. To avoid accumulating fees, you must limit the number of withdrawals and favor large transactions. Outside the euro area. Banks charge fixed and proportional commissions for withdrawals (around € 3.20 per withdrawal and 2.50% of the money withdrawn). By withdrawing a large amount, you therefore pay the fixed commission only once and thus save a few euros.

The card to reduce bank charges

During your stay in Morocco, you will necessarily feel the need to pay for goods or services in a supermarket, in a restaurant, in an online store, etc. For all purchases, we recommend using your bank card to eliminate the withdrawal fees that apply in ATMs. More explicitly, for the same amount, the card purchase transaction costs remain lower than the withdrawal costs from a distributor.

In Morocco, payment by bank card will cost you on average 0.20 € of fixed commission, plus 2.50% of the amount paid. This will save you more than € 3 compared to a withdrawal of the same amount. You should also be aware that not all bank cards charge the same fee. Thus, commissions can vary by example according to the annual premium of high-end cards like the Mastercard World Elit.

Choose an international option

When preparing your trip abroad, you must take into account all the options available to you in order to plan all possible expenses and not to exceed your budget. For a long stay for example, you can benefit from certain offers from your bank. Indeed, many banks offer their customers international options today.

These allow you to avoid paying commissions on your bank card payments and your various withdrawals (excluding foreign exchange commission). The cost of the offer varies, however, depending on each bank and the duration of your trip. In Morocco, this option will greatly simplify your life. Besides, international banks also save you a commission when you withdraw your cash from one of their subsidiaries abroad.

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