Among the culinary specialties of Morocco, mint tea is often unanimous. Despite the heat often present in Morocco, enjoying a glass of mint tea accompanied by Moroccan pastries is always a treat and a pleasure!

Coming back from Morocco, many wonder how to prepare a mint tea. It’s actually very simple if you start by respecting the ingredients / quantity and a few basic rules. This is often the case for tea (or coffee) drinks.

We share with you today a recipe for mint tea to taste, at home, a mint tea like in Morocco!

Mint Tea, One Of The Delights Of Morocco

Mint tea is a must in Morocco. You can enjoy it in all cafes in Morocco and at any time of the day.

It is also a must in the restaurant, before or after the meal.

Accompanied by Moroccan pastries, mint tea is a real delight that is often unanimous among travelers to Morocco, tea lovers or not.

Preparing mint tea is very simple, just follow a few basic rules and dosages to find the good flavors of mint tea. Without respecting these dosages, you risk having a tea that is too strong in bitterness, without mint taste or not sweet enough.

how to make moroccan mint tea

Mint tea is made before green tea called gunpowder green tea. It’s inexpensive Chinese green tea. The tea leaves are rolled up into small balls.

I advise you to buy green tea from the Sultan brand, it is in any case my favorite!

In addition to gunpowder green tea, you need fresh mint to make traditional mint tea. If you opt for dried mint leaves, you may be very disappointed, the flavors will not be the same at all. You can easily find bouquets of mint in supermarkets or in oriental grocery stores in France.


Mint Tea Recipe

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (for 1/2 liter of mint tea):

– 1 good tablespoon of gunpowder green tea

– a bunch of fresh mint (or a half depending on the size)

– 5 to 7 pieces of sugar

– water


step 1

To prepare 1/2 liter of tea, start by heating water (1/2 liter + a small glass). I prefer to use bottled water rather than tap water. Chlorine and limestone from tap water do not have the same flavors.

step 2

Place the green tea in the teapot. When the water comes to a boil, pour the equivalent of a small tea glass into the teapot. Mix by making circles before the teapot. After about ten seconds, throw the water out of the teapot. This rinse removes the bitterness from green tea.

step 3

Once the green tea has been rinsed and after having washed the mint well, lightly rub the bouquet of fresh mint. Place the mint in the teapot, discarding only the bottom of the stems. Then place the sugar cubes in the teapot.

step 4

When all the ingredients are in the teapot, pour 1/2 liter of simmering water into the teapot. Make sure the mint leaves are well immersed in the water.

step 5

Leave to infuse for 3 or 4 minutes. Pour tea into a glass and return the contents of the glass to the teapot. Repeat this 2/3 times to mix the contents of the teapot, especially the sugar.

step 6

You just have to serve the mint tea by gradually raising the teapot to aerate the tea well and find a nice foam on the surface of the tea in the glass.



Adjust by adding sugar if necessary.


You now know how to prepare mint tea, as in Morocco 😉 This is the end of this travel recipe, dedicated to the mint tea recipe.


To taste with gazelle horns, almond briouates or chebakia. My favorites!

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