Fez in Morocco, a mythical city of the kingdom. I like Morocco. And I particularly like the city of Fez located in the north of Morocco. This is why I decided to publish this guide to visit Fez! If you are not too familiar with this city and wonder what to do in Fez, this is the ticket for you…

Fez is clearly my favorite city in Morocco and one of the cities I enjoy the most, all trips combined. This is why I share with you this complete guide to visit Fez. You will find ideas for visits to Fez there, what to do in Fez, the essentials of the city but also many practical tips for a successful trip to Fez in Morocco!

Fez is, without a doubt, the city with the most history. Along with Damascus, Baghdad, Cordoba, and Istanbul, it was one of the main cities of Arab-Muslim civilization. Inevitably, Fez is full of places of interest that can only appeal to lovers of cultural discovery.

The traces of this rich past are still very present: a preserved and authentic medina, numerous religious monuments, a city still very steeped in traditions,… Many buildings in the medina of Fez testify to the past grandeur of the city.

Through this post, I hope to make you want to visit Fez during your trip to Morocco. Without forgetting its surroundings which also deserve to be visited over several days. Otherwise, if you are already convinced by the idea of ​​visiting Fez, I hope this guide to Fez will help you prepare for your trip by giving you some tips.

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