[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Marrakech is full of hotels and riads all more magnificent than the others … Suffice to say that one quickly wonders where to sleep in Marrakech in front of this impressive choice in hotels and riads in the red city!




In this guide on choosing the best hotel in Marrakech, we will first discuss the neighborhood to choose for sleeping in Marrakech: medina, Guéliz, Hivernage or Palmeraie. How to choose the neighborhood where to stay in Marrakech?


We will also discuss the type of accommodation: hotel or riad? These 2 types of accommodation offer different experiences.


Finally, to close this guide dedicated to the choice of hotel in Marrakech, I will end by sharing my best addresses of hotels and riad in Marrakech, with different budgets of course. If you are wondering where to sleep in Marrakech, you should have the answer at the end of this post!


Where to sleep in Marrakech?

In order to answer this question that arises when planning your trip to Marrakech, several elements must be taken into account. We will discuss them as and when this post. Here are the key points to take into account and the questions to ask yourself to know where to sleep in Marrakech:




opt for a rather modern hotel (with swimming pool, spa, gym, etc.) or a riad (traditional house in the old Moroccan cities)

which district to choose to sleep in Marrakech: the medina for a riad or other districts of Marrakech such as Guéliz, Hivernage or the palm grove of Marrakech

set your budget per night for a double room




In the rest of this post, we will discuss these different themes so that you can choose your hotel in Marrakech.


Once the choice of your hotel or riad has been made and you know where to sleep in Marrakech, you will need to make your reservation online. For this, I always go through Booking.com.




These 2 hotel reservation platforms allow you to benefit from the best rate and almost all of Marrakech hotels (and this is true for 99% of destinations) are included. In addition, by booking your accommodation via Booking or Hotels.com, you benefit from 2 additional advantages. : automatic participation in the loyalty program of the 2 sites and the possibility of choosing a modifiable / cancellable rate in case of unforeseen events before your trip.


In which neighborhood to sleep in Marrakech?

4 main options are available to you regarding the sleeping areas in Marrakech:


the medina of Marrakech which is the old city (maze of alleys where we find the souks but also the traditional houses called riad or dar)




the Guéliz district built by the French during the protectorate (more modern city with many restaurants, cafes and shops).




the Hivernage district (south of Guéliz, southwest of the medina) where there are many luxury hotels.




the palm grove of Marrakech, located north of the city.




The map below allows to locate the different districts of Marrakech. With the exception of the palm grove, which is much further north, about ten kilometers from the center of Marrakech.


A Hotel In The Palmeraie Of Marrakech?

Let’s start with the palm grove of Marrakech. It’s really away from the city. There are many resort type hotels with dozens of services, one or more swimming pools per hotel. It is also a famous (and controversial) place for golf.




However, it is far from the city. Sleeping in the palm grove of Marrakech will require you to make taxi trips (or shuttle offered by the hotel) as soon as you want to go to Marrakech.


In my opinion, you should avoid sleeping in this district of Marrakech unless you go to Marrakech in all inclusive, for idleness. If you plan to visit Marrakech on a day and enjoy your hotel the rest of the time why not. But if you plan to go to Marrakech or its surroundings every day during your stay in Marrakech, avoid sleeping in the palm grove of Marrakech.

Guéliz, Hivernage Or Medina Of Marrakech: Where To Sleep?


You will understand, if you go to Marrakech to visit the city, I recommend that you choose a hotel in one of these districts.

In the Guéliz district of Marrakech, there are more affordable hotels (even if the medina is also full of small dar / riad cheap). These are more classic hotels, unlike the riads in the medina.

In the Hivernage district, prices go up more and there are very beautiful hotels / palaces with swimming pools, … You will see it in the rest of this post with some hotels that I recommend in Marrakech in Hivernage.

Finally, you will also find other names of neighborhoods that are either small parts of another neighborhood or neighborhoods where there are fewer hotels. I am thinking in particular of Majorelle near Guéliz, the Mellah (former Jewish quarter, south of the medina) also well placed or the Agdal, a little out of the way, south of the city.


Sleep In Marrakech: Riad Or Hotel?

Important choice to know where to sleep in Marrakech, the type of accommodation.

The riad is a traditional house in Morocco which is organized around an open patio. The patio is often furnished with a fountain or a basin. The rooms are often located on the upper floors of the riad and the terrace is furnished. The riad terraces in Marrakech often offer magnificent views over the roofs of the city’s medina. For a complete immersion in Morocco and Marrakech, this is the type of accommodation to choose.

If you want to stay in a riad or dar (a smaller riad), it is towards the medina (old town) that you should turn. It is in the labyrinth of alleys of the medina that we find the old and traditional houses which, for some, are now used as hotels or guesthouse / guesthouse.




There are riads at very different prices in the medina, depending on the standing, the size of the room,…

Small riads are often called dar (which means house). They are often smaller, but the architecture is similar. There are many in Marrakech, the prices are softer and some dar are in fact guesthouses. Staying there allows you to immerse yourself in Moroccan life!

Finally, for more classic hotels, there is everything in Marrakech. From a small, inexpensive hotel to a large palace with several swimming pools. No need to describe this type of accommodation because it is rather similar all over the world …


Best Riad In Marrakech, By Budget!

If you prefer to opt for a riad in Marrakech, this part of the ticket should allow you to find the best riad for your budget.

These riads are classified by price range. For the cheapest riads, it is a riad or dar (dar means house, the style is identical to riads, they are just smaller).


Dar Ou Riad Cheap In Marrakech

If your budget is 50 euros per night in a double room at most, here are two good riad addresses where to sleep in the medina of Marrakech.

  • Riad el Marah is less than a 5-minute walk from the famous Jemaa el Fna square. Very clean and very simply decorated, it is an excellent accommodation for this budget in Marrakech
  • Riad Davia is located in the eastern part of the medina, a less touristy area! And it is a pleasure to stroll in these districts of the medina of Marrakech where we are far from the incessant tourist demands! The bathrooms in tadelakt (material used in hammam) are top! This riad is very charming, it has a beautiful small terrace and it is surely its geographical location a little away which makes it to be in this price range! Many riads near Jemaa el Fna square are much worse and more expensive…

Prices may vary depending on the season or occupancy.



Average Budget For Sleeping In A Riad In Marrakech

Here are two very good riads in Marrakech for a budget of around 80 euros per night in a double room. These are two beautiful riads to sleep in Marrakech, two addresses that will allow you to enjoy the art of living in a Moroccan riad!

  • Riad Casa Lalla is located a stone’s throw from Jemaa el Fna, an ideal location for visiting the medina of Marrakech and also for getting out quickly (for a taxi for example). The riad is very beautiful, it has a nice roof terrace and the common areas are very pleasant
  • Riad les Hibiscus is also very close to Jemaa el Fna square, slightly north of the square. We appreciate here the modern touch in the decoration of the riad and the rooms. A very good riad also for this budget!

The most beautiful luxury riads in Marrakech

Here are two great places to have fun and stay in a luxury riad in Marrakech. If your budget allows, do not ask yourself the question where to sleep in Marrakech! It’s in one of these 2 riads…

  • Dar Assiya, a beautiful riad, very intimate, away from the crowds of the main arteries of the medina but yet. We find ourselves in the heart of the medina in a good 5 minutes on foot! The alleys of the Dar Assiya district are very beautiful, all ocher in color, the color of Marrakech! The riad itself is almost perfect. Very good service, beautiful courtyard with a pool of water, large roof terrace. Harmonious decoration in bedrooms and living rooms. A flawless one! Price of around 130/150 euros per night in a double room
  • Riad Kniza, another excellent riad to sleep in Marrakech. The budget is higher here, it costs around 230 euros per night in a double room. Riad Kniza is located in the Bab Doukkala (medina) district, very close to the Guéliz district. It is therefore very well placed, halfway between the heart of the medina and the Guéliz district, an ideal location for accommodation in Marrakech. Here too, everything is top!

For most of these riads, you can choose your room on Booking.com. Indeed, very often, in the riads, the rooms are all different (layout, size but also decoration). By booking as early as possible, you have more choice in the style of the rooms…


Best Hotel In Marrakech, By Budget!

If you want to opt for a hotel in Marrakech, this part of the guide should help you to know where to sleep in Marrakech. ! Here are the best hotels in Marrakech in my opinion, the best places to stay in Marrakech.


Sorted by budget category, you should find a hotel that suits your travel budget for Marrakech.

Best Hotel For A Small / Medium Budget In Marrakech

If you are looking for convenience and affordability, the Ibis hotel in Marrakech is a good solution. Exit the Moroccan charm but you have a cheap hotel, close to the train station and the bus station for buses. Clean, practical and for less than 40 euros per night in a double room! Difficult to find a better price for accommodation in Marrakech with such a good geographical location.


A little higher budget? The Palm Menara Marrakech hotel is a stone’s throw from the Majorelle gardens and there is a swimming pool! For around 60 euros per night in a double room.

Where to sleep in Marrakech to have fun!

Here are two excellent hotels where to sleep in Marrakech to visit the city but also to take advantage of the hotel services and relax. These are in my opinion the best hotels / riads to stay in Marrakech while traveling!




  • The Koutoubia gardens, a stone’s throw from the Koutoubia mosque and Jemaa el Fna square. Spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool, ideal for relaxing after a few hours in the medina of Marrakech! The setting is beautiful and the hotel has an excellent restaurant
  • Dar Rizhlane, superb hotel located in the Hivernage district. The hotel pool is beautiful, the service is perfect! The hotel is surrounded by trees, olive and palm trees. We really feel calm!


I hope this information will let you know where to sleep in Marrakech. After choosing your type of accommodation, riad or hotel.  As well as the neighborhood of your hotel in Marrakech. You should easily be able to book in one of the good addresses in Marrakech that I recommend here. You will only have to prepare your visit to Marrakech. If you want to know what to visit in Marrakech. I invite you to consult my guide entitled What to do in Marrakech. You will find there all the useful information to visit Marrakech.




If you also fell in love with your stay in Marrakech, do not hesitate to share the name of a riad or hotel that you liked. ! These recommendations can still be useful for other blog readers looking for a place to stay in Marrakech. You can share them by commenting on this post.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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