Tangier To Chefchaouen : The Complete guide to Chefchaouen

I saw the famous “blue city” pictures in Morocco, officially known as Chefchaouen, but how do you get there? My main question was when I randomly decided to plan an individual trip to Morocco, and I had little luck in finding information online.

I also didn’t know what most messages were talking about in buses and taxis, but when I finally found out for myself it was so easy! So, this guide will describe exactly how to get to Chefchaouen, where to stay and what to see, from the point of view of someone who has never visited Morocco before!
But first, let me help you write in phoneme how to pronounce Chefchaouen … Say it to me now: “chef-SHAH-when” is “chef” as in the person who cooks your food, “Shah” is like “martyrs of the sunset”, and when is like “when Would you pronounce this name correctly? “You understand? Well go ahead …

Where is Chefchaouen located?

I can show you a map, but what you need to know is that it is located in the Rif Mountains, about an hour from any airport. This means that you must take a bus or taxi to get there. Or you can travel to this nearby airport and take a bus or taxi from there. I will review all of these options.
It is mainly located between Tangier / Tetouan and Fes, which means that you will most likely take a bus or taxi from one of these places. In fact, I started in Casablanca and took a bus to Fez, and I spent the night, then took a bus the next day to Chefchaouen to stop the trip because it is long AF.

Why did Chefchaouen paint in blue?

There are some different stories about why Chefchaouen homes and buildings were painted in vibrant blue colors. It is said to have been a Jewish area, and they painted it in blue to distinguish it as such. Another says that the blue color removes the bug, which I think can be true because I haven’t seen so many errors. A third indicates that blue helps keep homes cool, which is similar to what I heard in the blue city of Jodhpur, India.

Whatever the real reason, I’m really happy that they decided to do it and stick to it, because it’s so beautiful!

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